Created for the Muskegan County Museum's new ice age exhibit, this life size model has synthetic fur applied to a fiberglas substructure. It is 21' long x 9' high and weighs 900 lbs. Click here to view larger image.


"Wally" resides at the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, MA. It weighs 1200 lbs. and measures 26' x 7' x 12'. We have produced over 50 dinosaurs for museums and parks around the world for both indoor and outdoor displays. Click here to view larger image.

Black Rhino

Jonas Studios originally created the Black Rhinoceros for the ___________ in Davenport Iowa. Exact in every detail from horn to toe, this life size model is cast in fiberglas and measures 10' x 3' x 4'. Click here to view larger image.


Realistic ground work and foliage blending into the backround painting give these dioramas a great amount of visual depth. Whether you need a 12" miniature or a 20' walk-in diorama, we have the fiberglas diorama shells. Click here to view larger image.


We have the largest selection of 1/10 scale animal and prehistoric models available. These models are anatomically correct and finished in oil paints to achieve the most lifelike coloration possible. Utilized in dioramas, they effectively portray natural history while conserving space and resources. As beautiful works of art, they are mascots for universities, logos for corporations, awards for achievements, and treasured by collectors. Click here to view larger image.


"Yesterday and Today"

Designed to compare Broadwayís glory days at the Mansfield Theater to the newly renovated Ford Theater, this model is displayed in the lobby of the Ford Theater in New York City. 1:24 scale. Click here to view larger image.

Fundraising Display

We designed and installed an exhibit area with specialty lighting, audio visual and architectual interior models to facilitate the promotion of the Simmon Wiesnthal Centerís new Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles. Click here to view larger image.

City Center at Yanbu Al Sini, Saudia Arabia.

Fabricated on location, this architectual model was designed to travel through out the Kingdom as a public relations tool. The animated fiberoptic water fountian and promonade bay lighting created a stunning visual display. Click here to view larger image.

Luxor, Circus-Circus' new entertainment complex in Las Vagas, NV.

The models shown here are just a few of many that were fabricated for three, state-of-the-art, movie ride experiences produced by Douglas Trumbull. Click here to view larger image.

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